Poson Festival in Anuradhapura

Poson Festival is celebrated by Buddhists all over Sri Lanka at the full moon of June every year. However in Anuradhapura it is extra special due to the historical significance it holds with Mihintale, the spot where the momentous encounter between the Arahant Mahinda and the King took place. A series of events that took after the initial encounter, Sri Lanka was finally made the home of Theravada Buddhism.

During Poson festival, the entire city of Anuradhapura is decorated with beautiful lights, lanterns and pandals. Numerous religious observations are being held all over the city with Dansal (Free offering of food and drinks). Many devotees from all over Sri Lanka visit Anuradhapura during Poson full moon to climb the mountain of Mihintale and to pay respect and engage in religious  activities at the ancient temple.

Find a hotel in Anuradhapura

Anuradhapura – the most prominent city in the North Central province is about 200km from Colombo. Anyone who plans to visit Anuradhapura should not plan for a 1-day trip. Not only due to the distance but because Anuradhapura has so many attractions and a day or two must be spent to visit those locations while you are there.

Traveling to Anuradhapura may take around 4 – 5 hours and for those who are not too keen on the road trip can also catch a train, as Anuradhapura is one of the main stops of the northern railway line. Even though Anuradhapura is a large city, getting around is not very difficult due to properly maintained roads that provide easy access to all the places that you may want to visit.

Once there the most important thing is to find a hotel in Anuradhapura. When considering a hotel in Anuradhapura it is important that it’s located within close proximity to both the town and the attractions because after a long day of sightseeing everyone looks forward to getting back to the hotel as fast as possible to rest and relax.

Finding a hotel in Anuradhapura that also provide you with transportation and also has the capacity to arrange your own Anuradhapura tour can make things less troublesome for everyone. Also remembering to look for the comfort, all required amenities, and spacious rooms before you book a hotel in Anuradhapura before you visit can save you a lot of time as well as money.

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